I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, where I trained to be a graphic designer. I travelled to the UK to study design and ended up working in children’s publishing. After a decade designing books for children and young adults, I took time off to design and build furniture in the Mbare neighbourhood of Harare (Zimbabwe).

Returning to London, I continued exploring creativity by showing a set of ideas to publishers for a series of books about vehicles. David Bennett Books published the Big Yellow Taxi in 1994, although my first book (Daytime Nighttime, illustrated by Sue Hendra) was published a year earlier by Bloomsbury.

The Big Yellow Taxi, followed by the Little Red Plane were very successful worldwide and laid the ground for me to keep playing, exploring and learning about the super minds of children.

Nowadays, I produce fewer books but still work with children in schools, libraries and centres. I also publish a newspaper for children called Chicken, which matches the innate intelligence of 4-11-year-olds with current affairs and information from the wider world, supplementary learning, strong design and as much fun as possible.

I have always believed that people are more similar than different and that is worth celebrating.

Here is a list of my books for children:

Download my CV and short portfolio (pdf)

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  1. George says:

    Ken is q great writer and illustrator who creates fun books that stimulate kids. I find they are subtle and the colours intrigue children.

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