Sponsor a chicken!

chicken! is a quarterly newspaper for primary school children, their teachers and grown ups. It is also for people who create children’s content. We brought good design together with children’s content into a tabloid newspaper format. The newspaper is free to schools, supported by local business. Read the digital issue here. chicken! features activities, games,…

chicken! A newspaper for people in primary school

Chicken! is a quarterly free newspaper for primary school children. It is a fantastic introduction to current affairs and supplements learning based on the school curriculum. Chicken is the only free newspaper for primary school children. Help us keep it that way by sponsoring copies for each child at £3.00 or 30 copies for a class at £90. The…

African Mythical Creatures

This on going set of Mythical Creatures from African culture is intended to be part of the One Page Books range for primary schools. It highlights the richness of African culture and shows how similar (not different) it is to European and Asian culture. See more on my excellent blog, the illustrationist CLick on each image…

Choc Ice

For TheWeeklyWorld.com, an information graphic showing the derogatory name ‘Choc Ice’. See the full size version here.

Thomas Telman Shipping Information

For Thomas Telman Recruitment Consultants (London) showing some facts about their specialty: Shipping Law. See the full size version here

Making Envelopes

For Ace Envelopes, the process of making envelopes. See the full size version here.