I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, where I trained to be a graphic designer.  I still offer branding and communication services to people, companies and organizations, particularly those with an interest in anything African. With a strong focus on critical thinking, brand narrative and creative direction, my purpose is to help brands define and create their communications with the appropriate meaning and style for them.

Here’s my story: I travelled to the UK to study design and ended up working in children’s publishing as a book designer.  After a decade designing books for children and young adults, I showed a set of ideas to publishers for a series of books about vehicles. So then I became a children’s author and illustrator as well.

My approach to problem-solving and graphic design has not changed but along the way, I learned how similar people are, whether they are learning to read, or running large corporations.

Nowadays, I produce fewer books but still work with children and teachers in schools and libraries. I publish a newspaper for children of 5-11-year-olds called Chicken. It has current affairs and information from the wider world, supplementary learning, strong design, a critical thinking approach, and as much fun as possible. I am an information designer, a storyteller, if you like, who can make any type of information accessible to any type of audience.

This is because I have always believed that people are more similar than different and that is worth celebrating.

Here is a list of my books for children:

Download my CV and short portfolio (pdf)

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  1. George says:

    Ken is q great writer and illustrator who creates fun books that stimulate kids. I find they are subtle and the colours intrigue children.

  2. Suzie White says:

    We have just seen Ken at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival and bought a copy of his book The Flute. Our little girl loved his performance of his books with the live drumming and Ken was fun, engaging and kind. Thank you for a lovely morning.

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