Thomas Telman Shipping Information

For Thomas Telman Recruitment Consultants (London) showing some facts about their specialty: Shipping Law. See the full size version here

Making Envelopes

For Ace Envelopes, the process of making envelopes. See the full size version here.

Angola Fact Sheet

For, a fact sheet on Angola, part of their Mapped project using citizen journalism to inform the world about countries. See the full size version here Angola fact sheet      

Zuva means the the Sun

Propposed identity of ra chain of petrol service stations in Southern Africa.

Pop Up Festival 2012

Ken Wilson-Max takes part as one the group of illustrators and authors at the Pop Up Festival 2912. Pop Up inspires communities through stories. Our far-reaching literature and story-making programme for schools and families impacts on thousands of children and parents. This is followed by a major public celebration bringing communities and families, authors and…… Continue reading Pop Up Festival 2012