Lenny Books

Lenny and Wilbur

In all Lenny books, this young man is finding out about life. His mum, dad and best friend make sure everyday brings something new. The books are for pre-school children and parents. You could see them as ways to talk about everyday life. Lenny books often show the special moments between Lenny and his family. The text is easy to read aloud, or repeat.  Best of all, each book has a well known song or rhyme.

I enjoy creating books for the very young. Some people wonder if you have to think like a child to make the stories. But the answer is a lot more complicated and subtle. You need some empathy, for sure, but a mix of seeing what’s in front of you and your memories will make a good story. The other part is about working carefully to reduce the number of words but keep the essence of the story.  Or, sketching until you find a scene that shows the right feeling. Emotion is important for little ones. They will respond if words and pictures can show that. This takes some discipline and patience.