Angola Fact Sheet

For, a fact sheet on Angola, part of their Mapped project using citizen journalism to inform the world about countries. See the full size version here Angola fact sheet      

Zuva means the the Sun

Propposed identity of ra chain of petrol service stations in Southern Africa.

Design Showcase 2: Art at Mio Dino

We designed the invitations and collateral for an art show called Football/Soccer, featuring work from African artists in London. [a_gallery]

Design showcase

Nandi Nandi logo and merchandise. Nandi Nandi is an event caterer serving Southern African food to British audiences. THey have recently opened a cupcake and party decorations shop. [a_gallery]

Tiger One Page Book

[a_gallery] Months later, here is an example of a finished product. A finished One Page Book. We are aiming to produce six books per class per year for a primary or junior school. That’s a total of 36 OPBs in a full set. It will take time so we are concentrating on press-school to year…… Continue reading Tiger One Page Book