The pandemic lockdowns made us rethink how we work, play, and learn.

Authors and illustrators had to adjust, just like the schools and libraries which relied on them visiting in person.

In the end, we learned what we like or don’t like about being more in charge of our work days. This change to hybrid working might be long-lasting. Working in front of a camera is now so normal that we don’t even think about it. I’ve broadcasted to more people than ever before from my living room! However, not being in the same space as readers is still challenging.

The Centre of Literature in Primary Education (CLPE) runs several courses for teachers and publishing professionals. CLPE’s Charlotte Hacking and author/illustrator and CLPE Patron, Ed Vere devised The Power of Pictures. It helps teachers choose and use picture books across the primary school, understand the process that goes into developing a picture book and develop meaningful relationships between authors and schools.

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