Recent Work

Here is a selection of recent work in graphic design and illustration. See the explanations below the gallery, or jump to them from the images.

Books & editorial

Tall Tales: African stories

This new series features stories from Africa, created by Africans. Each book is designed to be read aloud and will be available in more than one language. More than a series, this project aims to reach the largest number of readers across 54 countries in ways and languages that they relate to. Here’s The Hunters and the Hartebeast

Grandma’s Hair

A work in progress, this story is based on my family, and inspired by the soul music of my childhood.

Lenny and Wilbur

A welcome return to bookshelves for this much loved character for pre-school children and their parents. Hand painted in acrylic, simple text make a set of wonderfully warm stories about everyday life that every young family can relate to.

Astro Girl

A long time in the making Astro Girl is ruling the galaxy. Carnegie Greenaway Medal nominated for 2020, this story is all about gender equality and celebrates all women in a naturally inclusive way.

Chicken Newspaper- Food edition

The latest digital edition is all about food, from a point of view that only Chicken Newspaper can have! We write, design and illustrate all of the articles.

African Mythical creatures

This on-going collection highlights the vast number of mythical creatures from Africa. This includes vampires, mermaids, fairies and goblins, to name a few.

Logos & identities

Informal Economy; Client, ILO Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe currently has a 96% unemployment rate. That means only 4% of the 14 million people pay tax, but it doesn’t mean tat the 96% aren’t working. They are all outside the formal tax system, working hard to survive, buying and selling, making and recycling. The informal Economy has become the main economy for a country under serious financial pressure. The identity was developed to highlight this group as the future of the country’s economy, as demonstrated in the poster.


This logo is for Brand Africa‘s African Sustainability Partnership, designed to report and communicate how Africans are facing the sustainability challenge.

Packaging labels

Mopani worms (Macimbi [Ma-csi-mbi] in Nedeble) are rich in protein and traditionally eaten in Southern Africa. The caterpillars are harvested twice a year, washed, and dried in the sun. The resulting food is meaty in texture and worked into several traditional dishes. The packaging is intended to be clearly readable, and cheap to print using two colours on a coloured paper.

Information Graphics

Green Enterprize

This infographic made up the main part of a brief to artists to envision the future of work in a Green economy.