25 February was a bit of a milestone. It was the day that 17 Promises launches at the Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (ARFSD) taking place at Victoria. falls, Zimbabwe.

In 2015 The UN asked the world to pledge to deliver on 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) between 2015-2030. The SDGs as #17Promises leaders made to leave the planet a better place for everyone. We only have 10 years left to make good on these promises. They matter most to children and youth who are the voters and leaders of the future.

17Promises, a publication, and website explaining the Goals and tracking their progress launched at the Sixth Annual African Regional Forum For Sustainable Development (ARFDS) on 24-27 February 2020 in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. It is a sister publication to Chicken Newspaper for Children, and both are part of the growing Alanna Max family.

17Promises is written and designed so everyone, and I mean everyone, can understand what’s at stake. We are working with the UN family, and a while host of local businesses, who are all engaged and taking action in their own ways.

It’s a career high point for me, and a doubly so because I grew up near Victoria Falls.

Here’s a preview of 17Promises issue 1